GN ReSound

Customer Journey

Consumer Journey (1/9) Awareness

“I’m becoming aware of my hearing problem
and need support”

Consumer Journey (2/9) FactFinding

“I’m looking for information
and need to know where to begin”

Consumer Journey (3/9) Action

“I’m taking a hearing test
and need recommendations”

Consumer Journey (4/9) Trial

“I’m trying hearing aids
and need guidance”

Consumer Journey (5/9) Acceptance

“I’m using my hearing aids regularly
and need to get the most out of them”

Consumer Journey (6/9) Exploration

“I’m curious about other options,
and need to know what else is out there”

Consumer Journey (7/9) Action

“I’m looking at options
and need guidance”

TrialConsumer Journey (8/9)

“I’m trying a new product,
and need to see what it can offer me”

Consumer Journey (9/9) Acceptance

“I’m starting to hear more,
and need to get the most out of my hearing experience”