What we do?

Explainer Video – Product Presentation – Animated Infographics, ….

There are many names, but what all these different communication styles have in common is – the Explanation – the enlightenment – the clarification – the cutting the c… – boiling down and reducing to the very essence, – making complex matters easy to understand, and your audience smile and say ”Aha!”.

So, whether to show and clarify the benefits of your Company, Product, Service, Idea, Invention or Concept, – Pigsel is ready to help you along the way.
The product can be split into 3 categories: Illustration, Animation, Presentation. Used in combination or on their own.


It all starts with sketching out the bright idea! From cute and cuddly to sharp and serious, we capture the essence of your style in each drawing . Universally understood, our illustrations help communicate your message more organically and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Bring the drawings to life! No matter how abstract your concept, we find innovative and creative ways to give your audience a concise breakdown and understanding. Using recognisable and believable features, we inject personality and context into each moving character, element and object to convey a message or emotion in the most natural way. Using animation is a great way to get attention, stand out and dazzle your audience.


We will compose your explainer video into a polished showreel that delivers all the bells and whistles of your message and style. Whatever mindset and mood your audience requires, we’ve got the magic pen to add sparkle and finesse into every scene. Through carefully selecting, packing and timing the delivery of each component, we ensure that every scene flows seamlessly into the next. The result? A captivating, intuitive and easily digestible animated explanation that lives long in the memory of your customers.




Old School, and still going strong. Ideal for short looping storytelling, and often used as the eye catching component supporting written messages.


The modern technology of online animation. Running on 3 strong legs, JS, CSS, and HTML. Allows for interaction and thereby dynamic storylines.


The standalone format, usually used for telling full linear stories, with the classic plot. A versatile format suitable for a wide range of platforms.

Animation can come in many different formats, shapes and wrappings. One format can be good for a certain purpose, but outstanding for another. The task is to choose the right.